About Us

Fly Away Blackbird came to life after my need to find something for my fidgeting! Previously cross stitch was my go to, but shoulder pain got the best of me. Seriously though, I can’t keep still, and rolling polymer clay beads and putting my mind to work creatively is the perfect cure! The fact that I can sell these creations is an awesome side benefit.

Arts and makeup interested me growing up, however polymer clay has been my goto since. I am completely self taught in jewellery making and have honed my skills by trial and error over time. When brainstorming ideas for new products and designs, I’m thinking about things that I would want to wear myself that suit my personal fashion taste and style. You will usually see me in something fairly neutral but I am experimenting more and more with brighter colours.

In 2018 my hubby Sam, cat Saki, and I moved up to Darwin for a new adventure over the next couple of years. We are not missing the Melbourne winter weather at all.

To anyone living or visiting Darwin – we hope to see you at some markets and in stores this year. Have a look around our shop whilst you are here, hopefully you will find something you like :).

Aislin – Fly Away Blackbird xx